DIY Projects

Photography hacks, mods, DIY projects, call them what you will, but this collection of photography projects you can build yourself will help trigger that creative spark and save you money as well.

Master Natural Lighting Photography with Window Lit Flowers

Unleash creativity and make beautiful flower photos with natural lighting. Our guide shows you how to master window lit floral photography.
- 23rd Jun, 2019

Photographing the Refraction of Light through Water

We show you and easy way to capture amazing effects like the refraction of light through a glass of water with a patterned background.
- 17th Nov, 2017

How to Capture Abstract Reflections in Oil And Water Photography

In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to capture abstract reflections and patterns with oil and water photography.
- 4th Jun, 2017

Create a DIY Flash Soft Box for Your Camera Flash

Build a DIY flash softbox to place over a flash gun to soften the harshness of the flash burst, spread the light out and reduce the harsh shadows.
- 30th Apr, 2016

Make Your Own Lightbox for Stunning Desktop Photography

How to build a Lightbox for Close-up photography of detailed objects and good product photography which both require good lighting.
- 7th Feb, 2016

Timelapse Calculator (Duration, Frames & Interval)

Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner who just discovered a new passion, this time lapse calculator will make preparing that magical timelapse video a blast.
- 28th Jun, 2013

Building DIY Camera Shutter Release for Long Exposures

When taking long exposures, such as during astrophotography, it is necessary to release the shutter without actually touching the camera. Touching the camera introduces vibrations which blur the image.
- 17th May, 2007